LACDL General Rules (applies to all leagues)

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LACDL General Rules (applies to all leagues)

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Table of Contents
I. Introduction II. Philosophy III.
League Overview
A. Objectives………………………………………………..
B. Officers…………………………………………………..
C. Captains’ Duties and Responsibilities………………....
D. Scheduling and Postponements………………………..
E. Forfeits……………………………………………………
F. Awards………………………………………………..…
G. Protest Procedures………………………………………
H. The Game………………………………………………..
I. Conduct………………………………………………….
J. General Rules Pertaining to Play………………………
K. Shooting Guidelines…………………………………….
L. Practicing…………………………………………………
M. Scoresheet………………………………………………..
N. Sponsor Charges…………………………………………
O. Minors…………………………………………………….

The Captains’ Guide has been compiled to make the league go as smoothly as possible. Knowledge of its contents is mandatory for all Captains and players. Most of the time, problems and disputes arise as a result of a lack of understanding, of league by-laws and policies. A complete knowledge and understanding of rules, policies and procedures will allow all of us to throw darts and have fun without worrying about the technicalities.
Common sense and good sportsmanship are to be used to cover any questions that may arise during a match, which, are not explicitly answered in these rules. REMEMBER - We play darts because we love the game. Have fun and enjoy your league night.
A. OBJECTIVES 1. Leagues are non-profit, non-stock organizations. 2. Their objective is to stimulate an interest in the game of darts on a local basis, while promoting sportsmanship, good will and unity among league players. 3. To provide rules, methods, scoring procedures and statistics necessary to promote the competitive spirit through a structured organization, yet retain the social benefits of friendly sports. 4. To provide a system accountability and a guarantee for league funds. 5. To provide a system for the recognition of both team and individual accomplishments in darting.
B. OFFICERS 1. Unless otherwise designated, Lansdale Amusement Company (LAC) assumes all the duties and responsibilities associated with the formation and administration of all LAC electronic dart leagues.
1. Shall be present or send acting captain to all league meetings. A $10.00 fine will be levied on any team not represented. 2. Shall inform teammates of all league rules and regulations.
3. Shall be responsible to ensure team dues are collected paid on time. 4. Shall keep track of the match to ensure rules are followed.
1. Regular season and playoff scheduling is the responsibility of LAC.
2. Teams will play half their matches HOME and the other half AWAY, unless there are an odd number of weeks. Teams will alternate play between HOME and AWAY during the season, unless the schedule does not permit this. Leagues shall consist of no less than six and no more than 16 teams, unless specifically approved by LAC. Any league with 12 or more teams will be split into two divisions, unless specifically approved by LAC. Leagues with 11 or fewer teams may play as one division.
3. In even-numbered team leagues, no new teams may join after the second week of play. In odd-numbered team leagues (with BYEs), no teams may join after the third week of play. Teams joining the league late are responsible for all dues for the absent week(s). They are also responsible for scheduling and making up any missed matches at the approval of the team who originally had a BYE. If a match is not made-up, any unplayed matches are recorded as losses. 4. Postponed matches must be scheduled to be played within two weeks (whether it be at the end of the season or on a bye week) of the original match date.
5. Teams postponing must give at least 24 hours notice, with the exception of conditions listed in #10, to the opposing team’s Captain. It is that Captain’s responsibility to inform his/her players.
6. When a match is postponed, LAC AND THE SCHEDULED LOCATION must be notified immediately, by either Captain.
7. If teams cannot agree on a make-up date, LAC will set a date, for the match. If, only one team shows up on that date, that team will be awarded a match forfeit. Please note that all dues are to be paid, for every scheduled match, whether played or forfeited.
8. Regardless of where a match is scheduled, a make-up match is played at the team’s location, which was not the postponing team. Please read the exception in #10.
9. In cases of inclement weather, one or both teams may choose to postpone the match. If a Captain feels driving is too hazardous for his/her team, no forfeit will be assigned to that team, regardless of time of notice to the other team. The make-up match will be played where originally scheduled for matches postponed due to weather or driving conditions. Please remember that driving conditions may be acceptable at one team’s location, but not at the other teams.
10. If adverse weather conditions develop during league play and one or both Captains feel driving is becoming too hazardous, stop league play, at any point of the match. Inform LAC of the uncompleted match. Whenever the match was stopped, the teams only have to make up the remaining games needed, unless both Captains agree to make up the entire match. The re-played match will be made up at the original location.

1. A forfeit occurs if a team isn’t in attendance at the scheduled match time. (Refer to section J. GAME PLAY.)
2. A forfeit occurs if a postponement cannot be rescheduled. (Refer to D. #8)
3. If a team is over 15 minutes late (unless noted in your league), the opposing team Captain has the following options: A> Call a forfeit B> Demand to reschedule the match. The match will be played at the opposing team’s home location regardless of the original venue. C> Continue to wait for the tardy team.
4. Scoring forfeits – The forfeiting team receives the maximum number of losses for that league. The opposing team receives the maximum number of wins.
5. Teams forfeiting three or more weeks in a row may be subject to removal, from the league, depending on the circumstances. Removal is at the discretion of LAC.
6. If a team notifies an opposing Captain on the day of the match, that his/her team is unable to play that night, the opposing Captain may claim a forfeit. (Except as stated as in D. #11.) If the opposing Captain elects to reschedule the match, the make up will be played at the non-postponing team’s location, regardless of the original venue.
7. All dues are to be paid, by both teams, for any forfeited match. A team that forfeits must pay an additional $20.00 as a league fine for each forfeit. This $20.00 is taken directly out of that team’s payout at the end of the season. A team may be disqualified from the league for forfeiting more than three consecutive matches. Any team disqualified from the league also forfeits all monies paid, in fines or dues, up to that date.
8. Please remember League Philosophy in matters of forfeiture.

1. Eligibility and type of awards vary from league to league. Please check your Rules, Budget and Operation Information booklet for a detailed list of your league’s awards.

1. Protesting team must notify the opposing team the moment the situation for debate occurs.
2. Continue playing the match, under protest, until completed.
3. Contact LAC no later than 24 hours, or the next business day, following the protested match. A detailed written explanation of why the match is protested must be submitted to LAC within three business days. The protest will not be accepted after three days.
4. A $25.00 protest fee must be paid when the written protest is turned in to LAC.
5. The protest will be reviewed by LAC; the league’s representative(s) and both Captains involved. A decision will then be rendered - there are no appeals on this decision. If, the decision is in favor of the protest, the $25.00 fee will be returned. If the protest is not founded, the money will be deposited into the league fund or All Star/party fund.

1. The types of games played, that a match consists of, varies from league to league. Refer to your Rules, Budget and Operation Information booklet for details.
2. The types of games are set, for each league, before the start of the season.

1. Kibitzing or harassment from players or spectators is not tolerated.
2. Common sense and good sportsmanship is to be used during play regarding any questions that may arise.
3. Any physical violence, abuse of equipment, poor sportsmanship or any unethical conduct may be grounds for forfeiture of the game, the match or expulsion from the league. Teams and sponsors forfeit all monies paid to date if a league expulsion occurs.
4. If any physical contact between players of opposing teams occurs, during a league match, league play must stop at that point. Captains must then instruct the involved players to leave the location. League play may resume when all parties involved have left the site. LAC must be contacted immediately in every instance of physical violence. In the event of any infraction of this nature will result in: A) A Captains’ meeting will be called to review the infraction. B) The Captains’ and the league representatives will hear both sides of the complaint. The matter will be discussed among the Captains. The representatives will then vote whether to penalize the involved players. If grounds of physical violence are founded, the representatives will then vote, on the length of the penalty. C) All players involved in any cases of physical violence will be suspended from the league for no less than three and no more than six league matches. D) A second offense will result in a league suspension of no less than one year. E) A third infraction will result in that player being banned for life from all Lansdale Amusement Dart Leagues and all league activities. F) If a location decides to flag the involved players from their business, LAC will not mediate or negotiate the players’ return, under any circumstances.

1. Game time is determined at the organizational meeting at the start of each LAC dart league.
2. Teams have a 15-minute grace period to show up from the regular start time for that league. (I.e. If league play begins at 8:00pm, a team has until 8:15 to show up and to begin play. At 8:16 the waiting team has three options, as described in Section E. #2.) This may vary by league. Please check your league’s Rules & Regulations.
3. Darts may not exceed 8 inches in length and may not exceed 18 grams in weight. A violation will result in a warning from the Captain. A second violation will result in a game forfeit. Players may use their own darts, parts and tips. Tips must be made of plastic materials. No metal tips are allowed.
4. Throw lines are set at 8 feet from the pull mark of the dartboard, not from the front of the machine. Players throw with both feet behind the front of the throw line or 8 foot mark. Players are allowed to lean across the foul line as long as both feet stay behind the line. The trail foot may cross over the throw line as long as it does not hit the floor before the dart is thrown. First violation of this will be a warning from the Captain. A second violation will result in a game forfeit.
5. League boards are provided expressly by LANSDALE AMUSEMENT COMPANY. LAC owns, operates and maintains all league dart machines. A location with another company’s dart machine is not eligible to play in any LAC dart leagues.
6. Two team limit per dart machine per league night. A location may only have two teams for each dartboard in their establishment on each league night.
7. Player release - A player may change teams, during the season, up until the halfway point of the regular season. That player must receive written permission from his/her present captain. LAC must be notified of this change with the written permission immediately. Arrangements also must be made, by the next league match, to have the new team’s team lineup updated. 8. Board failure on league night should be reported to LAC immediately. Call LAC service at 215-368-1255 as soon as league play is interrupted by technical difficulties. Tell the operator your name, location, phone number and exactly what the machine is doing wrong. Captains then have three options: A) Wait until the service tech comes out to repair the machine. B) Move the match to another LAC location. C) Postpone match.

1. In a round, each player from each team in that game, throws a maximum of three darts. Players do not have to throw all three darts per turn. A player may choose to pass all or part of his/her throws.
2. Players must shoot within a reasonable amount of time. If a player is unsure of a shot, he/she must step off of the line to confer with his/her teammates, for no more than 20 seconds.
3. A player must be on the line ready to shoot within 20 seconds after the player change has moved to his/her turn. If the player is not on the line ready to shoot, in the given amount of time, his/her turn will be passed.
4. A player has no more than a total of 60 seconds to throw all three of his/her darts, with or without conversing over the shot, with his/her teammates. This is a more than reasonable amount of time to throw three darts. Waiting for service at the bar is not a valid excuse for not being on the line to shoot your turn.
5. A player must pull his/her own darts from the dartboard, unless physically impossible, at that time. (I.e. A broken leg or physically challenged)
6. The player ready to shoot his/her own turn is responsible for making sure his/her name is showing as the shooter. If a player does shoot when the board is displaying an opponent player’s name, the opponent advances the player change a round, back to his/her name again. Resulting in that player receiving his/her three darts plus the score thrown by the opposing player.
7. The player ready to shoot is responsible for waiting until the player change is completed and the board is ready to accept darts for score. If a player throws his/her dart, before the player change has stopped flashing, the dart thrown counts for that round. No score will be recorded before the machine is ready. The player can throw his/her remaining darts for the round. Once the third dart has been thrown, that player must push player change button, BEFORE PULLING his/her darts.
8. If any score is accidentally recorded, by a player’s hand or by a player pulling his/her darts, his/her partner and that player EACH LOSE THEIR NEXT TURN. Those players must push the player change button to advance their turns. If, it is a 4-player game of ’01, each team loses their next turn. If, it is a 4-player Cricket game, with all players shooting on one score, only the next two players lose their turn.
9. The score recorded by the machine is the score the player receives. If a dart “kisses off” another into a better score, but counts the score of the dart it ricocheted off of, that dart may not be manually scored to where it landed.
10. If a dart is thrown and the machine registers “Segment Stuck” it must be handled in the following manner: A) After the first dart is thrown the player notifies the opposing team of the problem. That player must then tap the back of the dart until it scores. This will release the stuck segment. The dart may have to be tapped a few times. After the score is recorded the player may then throw his/her remaining darts. No darts will score until the stuck segment is cleared. B) If the player does not notice the segment is stuck, until after the second or third dart is thrown, that player must notify the opposing team’s captain. That player must then tap the back of the dart that caused the stuck segment. Once the segment is released, then the player taps the back of the other two darts to record the score.
11. If a dart is clearly thrown into a number, but it does not register a score or that a dart has been thrown, you may manually enter the score. BOTH Captains must agree that the rule in SECTION K, #7, has not been violated, BEFORE the dart is scored manually. If the opposing Captain does not agree that the player change was completed when the player threw his dart, that player may only throw his/her remaining darts.

1. BEFORE MATCH A) ONE BOARD LOCATION - Both teams should use courtesy and common sense on the subject of pre-match practice. Players should take turns throwing their darts, in a timely manner. Players should not start up a “pick up” game just before match time. Everyone must be given an opportunity to practice. B) TWO BOARD LOCATIONS - Each team may practice on either machine. A “pick up “ game may be played if each players agree and are included. The game must end when the scheduled match is ready to begin.
2. DURING MATCH A) Players scheduled to shoot in the next game may throw three darts as warm-up for said game. B) If a player arrives late, he/she may throw up to nine darts, or three turns, as warm-up before entering match. C) If the second board, in a two-board location is not being used, players may throw an unlimited number of practice darts on said machine. D) The second board must be at least 10 feet from the match board. If the machine is closer, only non-league players may use it. E) A player practicing on the second board must report immediately to the match, if he/she is entered in the upcoming game. F) A player entered in a game may not practice on another board between turns.

M. SCORESHEET 1. Captains from each team should have a good sight line to the dartboard. They must keep track of each player’s shooting order and keep track of the other team’s players. This is to keep checks on each other to avoid a game forfeit from shooting a player in too many games. 2. A record of games won/loss should be kept in the event of a board failure that prevents stats from being collected.

N. SPONSOR CHARGES 1. Locations shall NOT charge a cover to dart players during a league match. Once the match is over, and a player chooses to remain in the establishment, the location may then collect a cover charge. 2. A location shall NOT require visiting team players to be members of said club. A location may require the team it’s sponsoring to maintain a current membership.

O. MINORS 1. ALL Lansdale Amusement Company’s dart league members MUST BE of Pennsylvania State legal drinking age to participate in the various licensed locations. If a player is going to turn 21 during the season, he/she may be on a team’s roster, but may not shoot in a match, until the day of or after his/her 21st birthday. 2. If a player is discovered by a location or by LAC, to be under the legal age, he/she will be banned from all LAC dart leagues for no less than ONE YEAR or for however long LAC deems necessary.

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