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1. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP: Common sense and GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP are to be used to answer any questions that may arise during a match and are not explicitly covered in these rules. We play darts because we love the game; so have fun, play well, and enjoy your league nights. COMMUNICATION: This is a big part of sportsmanship for Remote Leagues. You must be in contact with the opposing team. A contact list is provided on the website. We also have a dedicated private facebook page for the league. Please use all avenues and communicate as needed. If in doubt, communicate.

2. TEAMS: Teams will consist of at least two and no more than six players. Each team will need a minimum of two players to shoot a complete match on any league night. Remote Tuesday is a handicap league. There are no limits on team averages.

3. PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY: Players must play in at least 40% of their team's matches to be eligible for the playoffs. You may not use a substitute for playoffs unless that sub meets the 40% mark.

4. LEAGUE MATCH FORMAT: A league match consists of 15 games. The games are: 301 D/D; 501 O/O; 701 O/O, and Cricket 200. The 301 D/D games are 4-scores so the Freeze Rule is in effect for all 301 D/D games. For all 501, Cricket, and 701 games, the score is stacked so there is no freeze rule for these games. For all 501 O/O and 701 O/O games, the SINGLE BULL (50 pts.) is activated, and the bull can be used as an out. In all Cricket 200 and 301 D/D games, the SPLIT BULL (25/50 pts.) is used. All 15 games must be completed to constitute a league match. There are (4) Singles games, and (11) 2-player games.

5. MATCH FORFEIT: When a team decides to forfeit the entire match BEFORE it begins, with no intentions of making it up, both teams must notify LAC, to inform why the match will not be played. Forfeits can affect the standings, teams’ playoff positioning and are not fair to the league’s players or your sponsor. Please make every effort to make up your matches.

6. PRESET MATCH FORMAT: The match is preset to play a 2-player match. If playing with two players, there is no need to move players after each game. Once a 3rd or 4th or more player is added, Captains may then change the position order, at any point during the match, as needed. 7. OPEN SHEET FORMAT: Captains have the option of using an Open Sheet Format, if three or more team members are entered into the match. In an Open Sheet Format, captains will choose the players who will shoot in each game, over-riding the machine’s preset league shooting order. Captains should use caution when rotating players in and out throughout, in regards to singles’ games limit.

8. PRESET FORMAT/OPEN SHEET FORMAT GAME OPERATION: Any selection of Regular Players or Substitute Players or changing the Position Order of Players during a match will be accomplished on the dart game itself.

ENTERING YOUR PLAYERS – Game 1: Teams two players to play in Game 1 and place them in the correct slots (1-2).

CHOOSING SUBS FOR REGULARS PRIOR TO MATCH: To sub an Alternate Player for one of the two regular players, prior to start of the match, you must enter that player’s COMPLETE name. Default stats of 3.2 MPR and 25.0 PPD will be automatically set for the handicap. If you know the player will be subbing, prior to the day of the match, call LACDL with the player’s name and any known stats. Sportsmanship is important. If you know a player is better than the league set average, please enter as close as you think it is, to maintain integrity.

NOTE: Once you have entered the team players, prior to the start of the match, the order of play will be determined as set out on the Match Scoresheet. If you choose to play the Preset Match Format no further player substitutions or player position swaps need to be made during the match. In an Open Sheet Format the game will ALWAYS list the scheduled players according to the Preset Match Format.


REGULAR PLAYER SUBSTITUTION DURING MATCH: Before each game, the machine will list the players scheduled to shoot, in in order. To sub in another player follow the instructions on the screen and continue league play. 9. 13 GAME MAXIMUM PER PLAYER: Each player can shoot a maximum of 13 games per league match. The 15th game must be the 13th game played. With two players, each player will shoot in two singles’ games and will play in 11 doubles games.

10. MINIMUM OF GAMES/ENTERING MATCH: All players present on league night are NOT required to play a minimum amount of games. A player may enter the match at the start of ANY of the 15 games.

11. CONSECUTIVE GAME LIMIT PER MATCH: Due to this league being a 2-player format, there is no consecutive games limit per match.

12. START OF MATCH: The AWAY and HOME teams will enter the league and position the starting two players in the 1 and 2 player slots for their team. HOME team shoots first in Game 1.

13. GAMES 2 - 15 START PROCEDURE: After the first game, the LOSERS OF THE PRIOR GAME, SHOOT first in the next game. This is called ‘Mugs Away’ or ‘Losers Start.’

14. 4th, 8th, 12th, and 14th GAME FORMAT: These are singles’ games. A player may only shoot in a maximum of TWO singles games. A player may shoot in only one game of each type. (Ie. A player can play in one cricket and one 301 D/D, but not in both crickets or both 301 D/D games)

15. GAME FORFEIT: A game forfeit primarily occurs due to captain error in scheduling players to shoot during a match. While this rule is needed as a guideline to settle the matter, captains are encouraged to notify an opposing team of the potential for a game forfeit before the game begins. This simple courtesy will go a long way to improving relations between teams and players. With that said, a game is forfeited according to the following examples: A game forfeit can occur when any of rules of play are violated, specifically, Rules 14 regarding singles’ games, Rule 9 regarding number of games allowed per match, and any other game which has not followed league rules and/or formats.

16. IN-MATCH BREAKS: Each match, teams gets three 4-minute breaks, one break for every five games sets (1-5; 6-10, and 11-15). Breaks are to allow for player to smoke, get drinks, go potty, order food, etc. If you do not need a break, do not take a break. If possible, try to break when your teammate is playing in his/her singles’ game. Please text or call the opposing team to let them know you will require a break after the current game you are playing.

17. CAMERA ETIQUETTE: Again, please remember Rule #1: Sportsmanship. Remote play is unique in that players can see you but not hear you. Any gesture may be interpreted as offensive to your opponent. For example, missing an out and shooting the board your middle finger. To you, you are gesturing to your own dart, which you threw, but to the opponent you are flipping them off. No gesturing is allowed other than a wave hello or goodbye, or a thumbs up.

18. INCORRECTLY SCORED DART: If you shoot and the dart is clearly IN THE BOARD (it did not bounce out) and it scored incorrectly, STOP and contact the opposing team. DO NOT TAP THE DART. Do not remove the dart unless you accept the score showing on the screen. We can see each other via camera and we can see the darts being thrown but it is not clear exactly where a dart is sitting. If you walk up and tap in the dart, the opposing team cannot see other than you tapping the board and getting a score. Take a photo of the dart in the board and text this to the opposing captain, explaining what had happened. Sometimes a dart will be in the bull but register a 3 or 16 or whatever. Explain this to the opposing team and state exactly what you will be doing. Ex. “My dart hit a bull but it did not register at all. Here is a picture of the dart clearly in the bull. I would like to tap it in to count my bull.” Communication goes a long way in a remote league so please be mindful of each other.

19. LEAGUE SCHEDULING: Sunday at 12:30pm is designated league and league playoff time. There is a 15-minute grace period before a team can call a forfeit. At 12:46pm a team may call a forfeit, if the opposing team has not shown up, or has not called and cleared a late arrival with the opposing captain.

20. MAKE UP MATCHES: Teams have to schedule a make-up match on a day which both captains agree. The make-up match is to be played with the AWAY team as the postponing team – no matter which team postponed the match, whichever team postponed is now the away team. LAC must be notified of when and where the match will be played.

21. TEAM STANDINGS: Team standings will be determined on a GAME WON/LOSS percentage. If teams are divided into divisions, each division will have its own playoffs, and payouts. Teams will only be placed into random divisions if the number of regular season weeks will go over 14 weeks (15+ teams.)

22. SPONSOR FEE: The sponsor fee for Sunday Remote League ($50) is set on a per team basis. Sponsor’s fees for non-LAC area Remote teams must be collected and paid by the team at the start of each session. For local LAC locations, sponsors will be billed by LAC, and all monies will be collected by LAC.

23. TEAM DUES: The Sunday Remote League dues are $50.00 per team. All team dues are paid back out to the league as payouts.

Captains are responsible for making sure the dues are paid before the season begins. 100% of all team dues goes back to the league’s players as payouts for league finishing and playoff finishing. IF THERE ARE DIVISIONS: EACH DIVISION IS PAID BACK WHAT IT PUTS INTO THEIR DIVISION ONLY.

24. LEAGUE PLAYOFFS: ALL teams qualify for the playoffs. A tie-breaker format will be used to settle any regular season league finishing ties. #1 -- Match record between both teams; #2 -- Games won and lost between both teams; #3 -- Team match records versus regular season champion; #4 -- Games won and lost versus regular season champion and #5 -- Best-of-7 playoff match between the two teams. The first team to reach 4 wins - wins the ranking spot. This playoff must be played before the night of the first round of the regular season’s playoffs.

Any team that does not show up to play in the playoffs, without sufficient cause, will forfeit the match AND any league payouts due.

All teams make the playoffs. If the amount of teams is over eight, a Week 1 playoff will be played to get down to eight teams. After the eight teams are set, an 8-team tournament schedule will be used, for each division, with the HIGHEST SEED playing the LOWEST SEED throughout the playoffs. Matches are played with the higher ranked teams as HOME team.

The losers of the semi-final round will play a consolation match for 3rd Place which will determine payouts.

The finalists and 3rd Place Playoffs teams will play a Best-of-21 match, played in one night. LAC will enable the machine to play a 21-game match. The match will shoot as the league does for games 1-15 and follow all of the league rules pertaining to a regular match. Games 16-20 will be set up to shoot like games 11-15 of league play. If the match goes to 21 games, Game 21 will be played like a Game 20 (701 O/O) with the following exception:

Best-of-Three Diddle: Home team has option of diddling first or last. Any players from either team may diddle in one or all diddle tries. In game 21, captains may use any four players, regardless of the number of games he/she has played to that point, or consecutive games played. ANY PLAYER, REGARDLESS OF ANY RULES LISTED ABOVE!

If Divisions: Division Championship: Division winners will play each other in a Best-of-21 match (as outlined above) to determine league champion. To determine which team is HOME, the team with the highest total wins is HOME. If that is tied, then the match result between the two teams will determine which team is higher seed.

25. PAYOUTS: The Top 3 league teams and Top 3 playoffs teams get payouts. This may vary from session to session, and is dependent on how many teams, if there are divisions, and if team dues increase to provide more money for payouts. For Sunday Remote League 3: There are 13 teams. $50 per team = $650 for payouts. $350 for Top 3 league finishers ($200; $100 and $50); $300 to Top 3 playoff finishers ($150; $100 and $50.)


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