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Cricket League 33
Rules and Regulations
Lansdale Amusement Company
10 Main St. S, Trumbauersville, PA 18970
Service: 215-368-1255

1. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP: Common sense and GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP are to be used to answer any questions that may arise during a match and are not explicitly covered in these rules. We play darts because we love the game; so have fun, play well, and enjoy your league nights.
2. TEAMS: Teams will consist of at least four and no more than six players. Each team will need a minimum of four players to shoot a complete match on any league night.]
TE: While captains must submit a complete team roster prior to the start of the league season, captains have six weeks to finalize their roster. If changes need to be made, captains must call Lansdale Amusement Co. to have their team information uploaded with the correct team information. The Week 7 standings will reflect the final rosters, for all teams in the league. Only necessary changes will be made to a team roster after Week 6. LAC will determine necessity. All players, on a roster, will receive a team shirt. Shirts will be given out after Week 6. Shirt sizes must be given to LAC prior to Week

“A” Division teams: Since the league is capped at 11.5x, a vacated roster spot may be filled by any shooter, who keeps the team below an 11.5.
“B” Division teams: A vacated roster spot may only be filled by a player with a skill level that will not put the team over 9.60. If the new player lowers your team average, you will remain in “B.”

3. PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY: Players must play in at least 40% of their team's matches to be eligible for the playoffs, or 9 week.

4. LEAGUE MATCH FORMAT: A league match consists of 15 games. The games are:Team cricket, Cut-throat Cricket, and Cricket 200.All 15 games must be completed to constitute a league match. All are 2-player games, except for the 5th, 10th and 15th, which are 4-player games.

5. 3 PLAYER MATCH FORMAT: Teams will be allowed, in a pinch, to shoot with a minimum of three players on league night. The options are:
OPTION 1: If a team (Team B) has three players present for the match, they can play by the Preset Format, as programmed in the dart machine. Team B must enter “PLAYER Z” as a sub for the fourth team member at the beginning of the match. When “PLAYER Z” is scheduled to shoot, it MUST BE SKIPPED, throughout the match. Once a fourth player shows up for the team, that player may be entered in the match, replacing “PLAYER Z.” Team B can then begin playing in the open sheet format as Team A.

OPTION 2: If each captain agrees, the match can be held up, until Team B finds an alternate player, not present at the beginning of the match. Captains must agree how long of a wait is acceptable.
OPTION 3: If each captain agrees, Team B can play the match with three shooters, moving the three around as much as he/she can until a game must be forfeited. Four player games will shoot with “Player Z” and that turn skipped. The league rules apply to each player regarding game limit and consecutive game total.
Option 4: If each captain agrees, Team B can pick someone up at the location, to substitute as “Player Z.” If a fourth member from Team B arrives, then he/she will take the subs place on the roster and the ‘picked up’ player must be taken out of the match. The substitute must play under the name “PLAYER Z”. His/her stats will be deleted.

6. MATCH FORFEIT: When a team decides to forfeit the entire match BEFORE it begins, with no intentions of making it up, both teams must notify LAC, to inform why the match will not be played. Forfeits can affect the standings, teams’ playoff positioning and are not fair to the league’s players or your sponsor. Please make every effort to make up your matches.

7. PRESET MATCH FORMAT: Only when one or both of the teams have only three players, and Rule 5’s Option 1 is played, will the Preset Match Format be used. (Please see Rule 5 for reference.) Once a 4th player is added, Captains may then change the position order (1-4), at any point during the match.

8. OPEN SHEET FORMAT: Captains have the option of using an Open Sheet Format, if four or more team members are entered into the match. In an Open Sheet Format, captains will choose the players who will shoot in each game, over-riding the machine’s preset league shooting order. Captains should use caution when rotating players in and out throughout a 4-man match, in regards to consecutive limits.

9. PRESET FORMAT/OPEN SHEET FORMAT GAME OPERATION: Any selection of Regular Players or Substitute Players or changing the Position Order of Players during a match will be accomplished on the dart game itself.
ENTERING YOUR PLAYERS – Game 1: The HOME team must select two players to play in Game 1 and place them in the correct slots (1-4). Home team enters their information first and announces their intended shooters first. The Away team then enters their two players. Once the teams are set up for Game 1 – check to make sure each team is satisfied BEFORE you hit the “Start Match” button.
CHOOSING SUBS FOR REGULARS PRIOR TO MATCH: To sub an Alternate Player for one of the six Regular Players, prior to start of the match, you must enter that player’s COMPLETE name if he/she will be joining the team for the remainder of the year. If he/she is a one-time sub, you must enter the name as “PLAYER Z” as outlined in Rule 5.

NOTE: Once you have entered the team players, prior to the start of the match, the order
of play will be determined as set out on the Match Scoresheet. If you choose to play the Preset Match Format no further player substitutions or player position swaps need to be made during the match. In an Open Sheet Format the game will ALWAYS list the scheduled players according to the Preset Match Format.
REGULAR PLAYER SUBSTITUTION DURING MATCH: Before each game, the machine will list the players scheduled to shoot, in in order. To sub in another player follow the instructions on the screen and continue league play. The LOSER of the previous game will make any changes first, as they will go first, so must announce shooter first.

10. 9 GAME MAXIMUM PER PLAYER: Each player can shoot a maximum of nine games per league match. The 15th game must be the ninth game played. In other words, players may shoot in a maximum of eight games in Game 1 - 14, but Game 15 must be their ninth game. With four players present, on league night, each player will shoot in three
4- player team games and six doubles games.

11. MINIMUM OF GAMES/ENTERING MATCH: All players present on league night are NOT required to play a minimum amount of games. A player may enter the match at the start of ANY of the 15 games.

12. CONSECUTIVE GAME LIMIT PER MATCH: Players can shoot in a maximum of two consecutive games per match. Exception: Games 13 - 15.

13. START OF MATCH: The AWAY and HOME teams will exchange their team rosters, showing who will be shooting that night.

14. MATCH PLAY PROCEDURE: HOME team shoots and announces their intended players first in Game 1.

15. GAMES 2 - 15 START PROCEDURE: After the first game, the LOSERS OF THE PRIOR GAME, announce their intended players and SHOOT first in the next game. This is called ‘Mugs Away’ or ‘Losers Start.’

16. 5th, 10th AND 15th GAME FORMAT: These are 4-player team games. Each team will shoot two players under two scores. Each shooter will then throw one (1) round on his/her team's number until all players have thrown once.
In a Team Game, players 1 and 3 from each team shoot on the same number and players 2 and 4 shoot on the other number. The order is repeated until the game is won.

17. GAME FORFEIT: A game forfeit primarily occurs due to captain error in scheduling players to shoot during a match. While this rule is needed as a guideline to settle the matter, captains are encouraged to notify an opposing team of the potential for a game forfeit before the game begins. This simple courtesy will go a long way to improving relations between teams and players.
With that said, a game is forfeited according to the following actions:
A game forfeit occurs when any of Rules 10, 11 or 12 are violated. The most common infraction is when a player shoots three consecutive times between Game 1-14.For example: In games 11 - 13, a team has entered a player for three consecutive games.
Once the first round of darts has been completed, the opposing team may then call a game forfeit. If both teams have entered a player three consecutive times in the same game, both teams will either be assigned a game forfeit or can just play though with no penalty given for either team. The forfeited game does not count as a shot game for any player. LAC should be notified about the game forfeit so the stats can be corrected.

18. LEAGUE SCHEDULING: Wednesday night at 7:30pm is designated league and league playoff time. There is a 15-minute grace period before a team can call a forfeit. At 7:46pm a team may call a forfeit if the opposing team has not shown up with at least three players or had not called and cleared a late arrival with the opposing captain.

19. MAKE UP MATCHES: Teams have to schedule a make-up match on a night which both captains agree. The make-up match is to be played at the location, of the postponing team’s opponent. LAC must be notified of when and where the match will be played.

20. TEAM STANDINGS: Team standings will be determined on a GAME WON/LOSS percentage. Teams are divided into divisions and each division will have its own playoffs & payouts.

21. SPONSOR FEE: The sponsor fee for Winter Combo League is set on a per team basis. Sponsors will be billed by LAC. Team shirts are provided to each league player and is provided by LAC using sponsor fees.

22. TEAM DUES: The Winter CRICKET League dues are $150.00 per team, with $100 of that money going into League Finish payouts. Captains are responsible for making sure the dues are paid before the season begins. 100% of all team dues goes back to the league's players as payouts. EACH DIVISION IS PAID BACK WHAT THEY PUT INTO THEIR DIVISION ONLY.
Payouts for each division, for CRICKET 33:



23. LEAGUE PLAYOFFS: The top 8 teams qualify for the playoffs. A tie-breaker format will be used to settle any regular season league finishing ties. #1 -- Match record between both teams; #2 -- Games won and lost between both teams; #3 -- Team match records versus regular season champion; #4 -- Games won and lost versus regular season champion and #5 -- Best-of-7 playoff match between the two teams. The first team to reach 4 wins - wins the ranking spot. This playoff must be played before the night of the first round of the regular season’s playoffs.
Any team that does not show up to play in the playoffs, without sufficient cause, will forfeit the match AND any league payouts due.

An 8-team tournament schedule will be used with the HIGHEST SEED playing the LOWEST SEED throughout the playoffs. Matches are played at the higher ranked teams’ location where there is no conflict, with another team, from the same location. In the event a match cannot be played at the higher seed’s location, captains may agree to a neutral LAC league location, or to play at the lower seed’s location, if no conflict will result in the move.
The losers of the semi-final round will play a consolation match for 3rd Place which will determine payouts.
The finalists will play a Best-of-21 match, played in one night. The Higher ranked team has the option of playing at Home, Away or at a neutral location. LAC will enable the machine to play a 21-game match. The match will shoot as the league does for games 1-15 and follow all of the league rules pertaining to a regular match. Games 16-20 will be set up to shoot like games 11-15 of league play.

Each player may only play in a maximum of 12 games, with Game 20 being the 12th game. A player cannot shoot in more than nine games between Game 1 and Game 15, with Game 15 being his/her 9th game.
If the match goes to 21 games, Game 21 will be played like a Game 20 (701 O/O) with the following exception:
Best-of-Three Diddle: Home team has option of diddling first or last. Any players from either team may diddle in one or all diddle tries. In game 21, captains may use any four players, regardless of the number of games he/she has played to that point, or consecutive games played. ANY PLAYER, REGARDLESS OF ANY RULES LISTED ABOVE!
Each player may only play in a maximum of 12 games, with Game 20 being the 12th game. A player cannot shoot in more than nine games between Game 1 and Game 15, with Game 15 being his/her 9th game.
If the match goes to 21 games, Game 21 will be played like a Game 20 (701 O/O) with the following exception:
Best-of-Three Diddle: Home team has option of diddling first or last. Any players from either team may diddle in one or all diddle tries. In game 21, captains may use any four players, regardless of the number of games he/she has played to that point, or consecutive games played. ANY PLAYER, REGARDLESS OF ANY RULES LISTED ABOVE!

24. PHILOSOPHY: Please remember RULE # 1 -- ALWAYS USE common sense AND GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP! And HAVE FUN!

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Well that is going to make it harder for us to catch a keeper out of ponce. I have seen a few caught this year but I have yet to get any offshore myself.
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