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LA-250 (High Power Coaxial Super Dispersion Series)
Model Description
(Approximate lbs./kg ship weight)
Sugg. Retail * 1 - 3 4 +
LA-250-MG 4-8" Premium Quality Coaxial 160W Loudspeaker (25/11) $325.00 $270.00 $260.00
Add $10.00 for all black models
Accessories **
Model Description
(Approximate lbs./kg ship weight)
Sugg. Retail * 1 - 3 4 +
Metal Grille Replacement Grille for all LA Speakers (add $1.00 for black) $13.00 $8.00 $8.00
* Lansdale Amusement Co. furnishes these prices for international use only and does not require authorized Dealers to sell at these prices. Each Dealer should determine its prices in accordance with its own circumstances and policy.
Terms and Conditions

Terms Of Payment: Initial order CREDIT CARD, C.O.D. or CERTIFIED CHECK ONLY. Open account status available upon credit approval and continued "current" status. Payment terms net 30 days, 1.8% per month late fee added to unpaid balances.

Terms Of Shipment: LAC ships using UPS Ground. UPS 1-Day, 2-Day & 3-Day Select available. Customer pays actual shipping charges. F.O.B. Hatfield, PA.

Acceptance of Orders: All orders are subject to approval by LANSDALE AMUSEMENT COMPANY (LAC).

Taxes: Prices listed do not contain taxes of any kind. Pennsylvania residents pay 6% sales tax.

Claims: Upon acceptance in good order by carrier from LAC, the material becomes the property of cosignee. All claims for damage, breakage or losses (concealed or obvious) must be made by the cosignee to the carrier in accordance with ICC regulations.

Returns & Exchanges:

1. Discontinued products may not be returned for credit or exchange.

2. Current products will be accepted for credit or exchange only with prior factory sealed cartons. When issued, authorization will include complete instructions. Shipments which do not include a copy of the written authorization will be returned to sender, transportation charges collect.

3. Credit will be issued only after material is inspected and approved, and will be based on original dealer cost, less a 15% restocking charge and any necessary charges for repair or refinishing, as determined by LAC.

4. Material returned to the factory, for any reason, must be shipped freight pre-paid.

5. Any material returned by the dealer due to LAC error, and in accordance with the proper authorization procedure, will be credited the full purchase price, plus an allowance for the return freight costs based on the most economical mode of shipment.

Changes in Terms and Conditions: All terms and conditions of sale and pricing are subject to change, by LAC, without advanced notice.

Changes in Product Specification: All materials and product specifications are subject to change by LAC, without prior notice.

This price list supersedes all previously issued price lists.

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