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LAC Ceiling Systems Loudspeakers
  • Breakthrough in ceiling speaker design
  • Super Dispersion design utilizes suspended ceiling grid technology to its fullest advantage
  • Highly preferred alternative to traditional ceiling speakers
  • Engineered to effectively handle a wide variety of distributed sound applications
  • Certain to meet the demands of any commercial, industrial or residential installation
The Commercial Series
  • Unmatched dispersion and power capacity
  • Speaker on axis to the intended listening area
  • Innovative speaker array and enclosure design provide virtually flat coverage (180 degrees vert., 360 degrees horiz.)
  • Omnidirectional dispersion pattern reduces hot and cold spots
  • Accurate and intelligible coverage over a wide area
  • Noticeably clear and comfortable acoustics
  • High quality constant voltage transformers in its enclosures available
  • Subjected to stringent environmental testing to ensure that the materials and adhesives will stand up to long term use - even under the most adverse conditions
  • Comes in an attractive flat white or black finish, but can be painted to complement any decor
  • Each enclosure is identically proportioned for a uniform, uncluttered appearance, and installation is a snap! The enclosure simply rests on the ceiling grid, allowing the speakers to be adjusted quickly and easily - right on site.


Home | Overview | LA-250 | Spacing Formula | Warranty Information | Pricing | Contact Us
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